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I am a software engineer but an environmental conservationist by nature. I hold a passion for books and inspiring articles. I write on random things from the momentary sparks of inspiration. I am a nature person and nothing inspires me more than our mother nature. The awe moments gifted by her magically ravels the thoughts and spread them around me and become my words to pen.

My Latest Posts

  • In loving memory of Mickey, Pussy, and Shankunni…
    There are only a few good things when I reminisce about my childhood. The best of them was my days with my pet cats; Mickey, Pussy, and Shankunni.Pussy was my first pet and she had come into my life when I found her in my uncle’s house. My aunt was on the verge to get […]
  • Humane co-existing
    The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now. – A Chinese proverb Under the shade of a vast tree on a sunny morning while the mild cold breeze sweeping and playing on cheeks, peacefully enjoying the fresh air and watching the teaming life in front of our […]
  • Unfurling blossoms and scents
    The spring is the perfect time to spoil your olfactory receptors by dealing with all uplifting scents of nature. The different hues of blooms and the fresh fragrances of spring give new energy and state-of-mind. This time of year, the outdoors bursting with life, the chirping birds and bugs with flapping wings, the pregnant wind […]
  • The sacred feminine
     Mother’s love is one of the most genuine love in the whole world- this is a universally agreed-upon statement. As a mother of two sons, I always battle to justify this fact over my natural instincts. I realize that my role as a mother always wins this battle by empowering the sacred feminine power in […]
  • Musical Reverie
    I have always liked music that takes me into my dreamy world of fantasies, so the music I listen to would be of tunes that exhilarate my moods. The music itself with its expressions is an evoking sensation with all capability of taking us to the exotic emotions that are inexplicable. The music world of […]
  • The little seed
    In the countless landscapes of earth, there existed a valley of lush green. In the vastness of the valley, a small tree bloomed and flowered in silence. The gentleness of the wind withered her countless seeds and drifted them away, leaving to their luck. In the silence of the valley, one little seed among them […]
  • Nostalgia- feeling good about being you
    What is Nostalgia? it is a complicated feeling with an underlying pain. The google search says, a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. In a general perspective, it defines correct. For me, it is more than that; it’s a state of mind when […]
  • Memorabilia
    I have a habit of accumulating stuff that is subtle reminders of the distinctive moments of my life. I hold on to those things because I am maintaining a bond with them, for being a part of my life as a companion, a silent listener, a witness of my fond memories. I am empty of […]
  • A cup full of happiness
    Coffee, my best-loved beverage, a wonder drug, would unleash my inner artist to make my day. It’s a comforting drink for me and I am always drawn to the coffee’s elating aroma. The invigorating smell of freshly brewed coffee is the purest, comforting, euphoric scent I have ever experienced. Also, when its steam swirls up […]
  • Metamorphosis of a cook
    I don’t claim that I am a skilled cook, but I am more creative in cooking when it comes to the decision of what ingredients to put in. I would love to control what goes into the food and bring out something tasting good that my family and friends love. For me, a good meal […]
  • The celebration of life
    I have been thinking about the holiday season and the cheer it brings to one’s life. Mostly, everybody is happy. Children and working groups are happy about the holidays they are getting. Family and friends are forgetting what happened in the past and getting together and renewing their relationships. I see cheer everywhere, especially when […]
  • The mystic beauty of shades
    I heard a rustling in the bush in the wild. I stepped forward to look at what was ahead. Then something enormous leaped, flapping its broad wings. I can see the fabulous creature in front of me! He was the most striking thing I have ever seen! A majestic bird with a crest and beautiful […]
  • Accepting all of myself, and I call it self-confidence
    Yesterday, my school friend told me I was the most confident girl in our school when she met me. I couldn’t believe it. Am I a confident one? Maybe. I remember myself as a person who was always confronted with the influences of others, which literally drained my confidence. I craved for directions from someone and felt […]
  • River girl
    I was born and raised in a piedmont town, where nature seemed to be in all its glory. The landmark of my town is a river, and our town’s name itself describes the place, which means rivulet and river. It’s a mesmerizing land of breathtaking landscapes, crystal clear water streams, and Fort-like mountains adorned with […]
  • Two sides of the same coin
    Autumn arrived and so much is happening around me with an unintended moment of beauty! Orange, yellow and red are dominating everywhere in my garden. Butterflies are disappearing, birds are busy nesting, my trees are wind-battered and shedding leaves, although the chrysanthemums and roses are in full bloom. I realize this season is of winding […]
  • Magic Mirror
    Mirror mirror, show me…………. When I was a child, after reading SnowWhite story, it drew me to the mirror, which shows everything what I ask for! I am also wished for a magic mirror which shows everything that comes to mind. I never imagined that soon I could also get a mirror as a mere […]
  • Melodies of Monsoon
    A strange melancholy was clouding over me when I was watching the bone-freezing rain lashing on my window panes. The aesthetic patterns, continuously made by the raindrops outside the window, left me in a daze. With my hand stretching out to wipe off the blinding mist on the glass, my moody thoughts drowned in memory […]
  • Thoughts now and then
    The thoughts are like a wild river or an open ocean; they can either sink you deep into its depths or move you forward to conquer the world. Sometimes, it’s like a gushing river over a vertical drop, runs down and fills in all the depressions in the valley below, and then flows steady, leaving […]
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